OutWorldWriters is a collection of writers with varying aspirations who gather to review each other’s works and offer constructive criticism. Typically, two or three authors will post their stories, poems, or similar works to our mailing list so that everyone has a chance to read the work before a scheduled meeting.

After meeting for several years, we've taken a multimonth hiatus this year. In September, we met to discuss reorganizing the group, and we scheduled our next meeting for 25 January 2009. (Our thinking was that people would be too busy during the last months of 2008 to get anything started.)

We've also decided we should find a location that is closer to central to the members of the group for our meetings, and we haven't yet identified that space. Our meetings have begun at 1 p.m. in the past, but we may have to meet at a different time depending on what's required by the space we select.


For more information on the group or to join the Yahoo! Group, please contact Wm S Boozer at 3dollarwm@gmail.com



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