OutWorldReaders, our book discussion group, meets at 1 p.m. on the second Sunday of each month (except in months in which we don't meet) at the Midtown home of Pete and Tim, two of our members. Novels to read are suggested and then selected by members. Originally, we required that novels we considered include some substantial queersexual content. However, we have found over the course of our readings that there are few novels that have such content, that fall into the fantasy, science-fiction, or horror genre, and that are worth reading. Consequently, we've opened up our selection process to any novel of interest, but we are always on the lookout for a good, queersexual text.

Anyone is welcome to attend! Some books (and our subseqent discussion of them) may not be suitable for minors.

Please contact Wm S Boozer at 3dollarwm@gmail.com to obtain more information or to join the group's mailing list!

Our book for December

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

You can order the book from Amazon using the link at the bottom of this page. Please do!

At our last meeting

Titan by John Varley
While the writing here was a bit more stilted than Varley's more recent work, we found the story of the captain of an Earth ship who has been taken (along with her crew) aboard an alien vessel orbiting Saturn interesting and enjoyable. The Titanides' wondering how humans could stay balanced on just two legs was hilarious. While this is a science fiction novel, it includes many fantasy elements.

Past Readings

Listed below are the books we've read since we began in 2003. In bold are the ones that, generally, we would recommend to someone interested in the book's genre.

November John Varley Titan
October M. Christian Running Dry
September Kevin Roose The Unlikely Disciple
August Elizabeth Bear Undertow
July Steve Pierce World without Winter
June Manna Francis Mind Fuck
May Christopher Rice The Snow Garden
April Gregory Maguire Wicked
March Anthea Ingram Sebastian's Tangibles
February Clive Barker Sacrament
December J. L. Langley Without Reservations
November Thomas M. Disch On Wings of Song
October Ginn Hale Wicked Gentlemen
September Richard K. Morgan Altered Carbon
August Mary Renault The Last of the Wine
July Lee Thomas The Dust of Wonderland
June D. Jordan Redhawk On Azrael's Wings
May Maria McCann As Meat Loves Salt
April Tanith Lee Death's Master
March Daniel Tammet Born on a Blue Day
February Perry Moore Hero
January Carrie Vaughn Kitty and the Midnight Hour
December Johanna Sinisalo Troll: A Love Story
November Jesse Hajicek The God Eaters
October Kim Harrison Dead Witch Walking
September Steve Berman Vintage
August Kazuo Ishigura Never Let Me Go
July Elizabeth Bear Carnival
June Joseph Conrad The Secret Sharer
May Brandon Sanderson Elantris
April Jim Grimsley The Ordinary
March David Gerrold The Man Who Folded Himself
February Guy Hocquenghem Love in Relief
January Katie Waitman The Merro Tree
December Laura Underwood Ard Magister
November Selina Rosen Strange Robby
October Lois McMaster Bujold The Curse of Chalion
September Nalo Hopkinson The Salt Roads
August Philip K. Dick A Scanner Darkly
July Donna McMahon Dance of Knives
June Joe Haldeman Camouflage
May P. M. Butler The Mystery of the 13th Volume
April Fiona Patton The Stone Prince
March Jeffrey Eugenides Middlesex
February David Brin Glory Season
January Samuel R. Delany The Motion of Light in Water
December Laurie K. Marks Fire Logic
November John M. Curlovich The Blood of Kings
October Nicola Griffith Ammonite
September Laurie A. King A Grave Talent
August Mary Renault The Persian Boy
June Theodore Sturgeon Venus Plus X
May Robin Roberts Sexual Generations: Star Trek, the Next Generation, and Gender
April Mary Gentle Grunts
March Poppy Z. Brite Lost Souls
February Lois McMaster Bujold Ethan of Athos
January Mercedes Lackey Magic‰Ûªs Pawn
December Nicola Griffith & Stephen Pagel (Eds.) Bending the Landscape: Horror
November Octavia Butler Lilith‰Ûªs Brood
October Camille Bacon-Smith Science Fiction Culture
September Beth Hilgartner A Business of Ferrets
August Pat Murphy Nadya: The Wolf Chronicles
July Eleanor Arnason Ring of Swords
June Terry Pratchett Monstrous Regiment
May Rick R. Reed A Face Without a Heart
April Melissa Scott Shadow Man
March Jacqueline Carey Kushiel‰Ûªs Dart
February Sarah Waters Affinity
January Ursula K. LeGuin The Left Hand of Darkness
October Margaret Weis Mistress of Dragons
September Michael Schiefelbein Vampire Vow
August Maureen F. McHugh China Mountain Zhang
June Lynn Flewellyn Luck in the Shadows
May Clive Barker Cold Heart Canyon
April Nicola Griffith & Stephen Pagel (Eds.) Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
March Storm Constantine Sign for the Sacred



If you're shopping for the next book on OutWorldReaders' to-read list, please order it from Amazon using the link below. Not only will you get a good deal on your book, you'll potentially be helping to support Outworlders as well!