There are a variety of games put on and played by OutWorlders. These are players and Gamemasters/Storytellers looking for others with similar interests. If you're interested in being listed here, let us know.



live-action role playing


Like doing improv theatre. You come up with the kind of character that you want to play, in some cases come up with a few stats on a sheet for it depending on the game, then just let yourself flow into the stream of things!



Looking for live action type Dungeons and Dragons? Try SOLAR . SOLAR is dedicated to the legendary tales of high fantasy, while running a fun (and above all safe) game. For more details go to SOLAR combat, when following the safety rules set by the game, is quite safe. What you're really doing is swinging your foam sword hard enough to make contact with, but not hurt, your opponent while you shout ("call" in SOLAR terms) the amount of damage that you do with your particular weapon.



table-top gaming


Doing it the old fashioned way. Roll the dice, fill in the blanks and prepare to bash in some Orc heads!


Buffy the Role-Slaying Game

Leah is starting up a tabletop RPG of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on to be played weekly on Sundays at noon, The game is set two years after the series finale and will feature new player characters. The game is very much plot and character driven, so we are looking for strong role players. They are using the Unisystem rules, and may include some variant rules from WitchCraft, as well as the simpler Eden Studios Buffy the Vampire Slayer rules. We are looking for open-minded adults who are looking for ROLE-PLAY, not ROLL-PLAY. We would welcome gaming newbies into the group, and familiarity with the rules is not necessary to play. Please feel free to e-mail Leah if you're interested, and you can meet the players and GM to see if we're compatible.