Bylaws Workshop

Bring your 5-hour ENERGY® drink and join us for a Bylaws Workshop! 

The purpose of this meeting is to edit and update our current bylaws. A draft will be created during this session and then officially proposed at a future business meeting. The proposal will be voted on (for or against) by sponsoring members and officers for approval. 

We will view and edit via a projector and laptop. Please bring your own laptop to participate. Paper copies will be provided for those attending. 

Bring your lunch!


Sunday, February 04, 2018

11:00 AM


Wananga Creative Photography
659 Auburn Avenue #140
Atlanta GA 30312


You can see a map at  Studio #140 is on the side of the building, ground floor, towards the back. You'll see a sign that says "Wananga Creative Photography".


There is plenty of parking in the parking lot. There is a valet for the restaurant, just drive past them into the parking lot. 

Try to avoid the numbered spaces if you can, they're generally reserved. Though the ones around my studio are unused at night. So you are not likely to put someone out if you do park in one.