AOW Business Meeting

Third Sunday Monthly Business Meeting.

Anyone is welcome to attend. If you're interested in becoming a sponsoring member, which entitles you to vote on OutWorlders business, please contact the Treasurer prior to the next meeting.


Officer Reports

  • Officer Reports from President, VP, Secretary (if any)
  • Treasurer/Financial Report

Game Night Recap

  • Attendance and Donations
  • Survey Results (if any)

Outlantacon Update and Sponsorship

Travis has reached out to Candace, awaiting details to provide before FEB meeting

Game Night Locations for rest of the year


  • Locations for March and beyond
  • Travis has received a few comments from attendees about where to find the Events list for the rest of the year, told them we would be updating the website shortly and the monthly events are always posted to the Facebook Group.

Spring Picnic Date/Planning?

  • Pick a date
  • Assign someone to organize / take the lead

Bylaws Update

  • Vote on Bil's submission for amended bylaws.
  • Submit new bylaws changes from the Bylaws Workshop and discuss

Open Floor for topics


Sunday, February 18, 2018

11:00 AM


Wananga Creative Photography
659 Auburn Avenue #140
Atlanta GA 30312


You can see a map at  Studio #140 is on the side of the building, ground floor, towards the back. You'll see a sign that says "Wananga Creative Photography".


There is plenty of parking in the parking lot. There is a valet for the restaurant, just drive past them into the parking lot. 

Try to avoid the numbered spaces if you can, they're generally reserved. Though the ones around my studio are unused at night. So you are not likely to put someone out if you do park in one.